Welcome to my page!

White canvas for me is a medium for manifesting the hidden life, path and signs on my hero journey, or just for illustrating key moments from it.

SURRENDER, oil on canvas,105x105cm, 2024

Oftentimes, my art is showing me puzzles I need to solve while painting intuitively. My images could derive from a specific place, as it is with the creatures occupying or coming out of my belly or chests – they are mainly dragons and snakes, representing repressed emotions, being very mad because they were left in darkness alone and forgotten. They were somewhere in my subconscious, fragmenting and subtracting energy from the wholeness of my being.

LONG WAIT, oil on canvas, 90x70cm, 2022

I tend to become friends with my dragons. Giving them life and letting them manifest on canvas, they become visible and free to be incorporated once more in a unity, because wholeness depends on accepting every part of ourselves.

SANTA SUZANA RIDDING A DRAGON, oil on canvas, 180x140cm, 2023

On the other hand, my soul can travel and connect to divine places, themselves a source of images and energy. They give birth to a different kind of creatures: supernatural, shiny, oftentimes plant made, rocky structures, water-flowing energy. They are the fundamental elements of Mother Earth, and remind us that we are all built from the same materials. With them comes a feeling of deep connection with all the existence, because we are all one. This feeling is the key element in finding our true self and embracing our own worth. Keeping this feeling in our heart is the strongest weapon against any kind of monster from the dragon cave.

RED SEA, oil on canvas, 180x140cm, 2023.

Somewhere inside all this falls a third source of inspiration: the cosmic energy. The space beyond we are all a part of, even without being able to rationally realize the dimensions of this connection, which is anyhow expanding our beings. Creatures from outer space I welcome always with appreciation, because they are like guides from dreams, bringing transcendental knowledge and truth, a point of connection with universal sources of unity.

FACING THE MIRROR, oil on canvas,140x120cm, 2022.

Towards the open space… and back to Earth! Where I harvest and transform these inspirations through this process of artistic therapy to do what’s really important for me: share my experience and discoveries with the world, and be myself a part of a whole.

ETERNAL LIFE, oil on canvas, 60x60cm, 2022.