Short stories about getting back to yourself.


SEARCHING FOR THE ROOT OF THE TRAUMA, oil on canvas, 70x50cm, 2021

The one who seeks finds:

TRUTH WORM, oil on canvas, 90x90cm, 2022

If you run away from the truth and don’t have the courage to face it, then you will live in opposition to it. Which can only be a life of agony on an emotional roller coaster. As well, the life of a blind man who turned away from the beauty of this world.

FACING THE MIRROR, oil on canvas,140x120cm, 2022.

Look at yourself, gaze at your eyes, accept the truth and realize who you are: the masks will fall and you will transcend from the world of duality into wholeness.

BREAKING UP WITH A DRAGON, oil on canvas,140x100cm, 2022.

If you run away from the truth (light), you will create darkness deep down in yourself. Monsters (Dragons), live in dark, they feed on your energy and tear you to pieces. In moments of lowered consciousness, they can easily take control. And what do you think these angry, neglected and forgotten beings can cause?

GOOD GIRL, oil on canvas, 120x60cm, 2023
LONG WAIT, oil on canvas, 90x70cm, 2022

After facing your dark you can notice that your monsters are already adults, like you. And that is really a time to set them free.

BLOSSOMING STONE, oil on canvas, 160x120cm, 2022

But of course, is not that simple to give a birth to a dragon. Taking time in nourishing environment is must.

SHELTER, oil on canvas,40x30cm, 2024
HIGH BREATH, oil on canvas, 50x60cm, 2024

Bringing down Heavens in your chest ( when you feel you are missing air ).

GROUNDING, oil on canvas, 60x40cm, 2023.
ROOTING, oil on canvas, 50x60cm, 2023

ACCUMULATION, oil on canvas,105x105cm, 2022.
MY PRAYERS WERE HEARD, oil on canvas, 92x75cm, 2022.

Finally! Dragon is free, as you are. Liberating from repressed emotions leads to maturing, but not in a boring way. There is butterflies, flowers, grass, deep connection with who you really are.

A WAY OF LIFE, oil on canvas, 50x70cm, 2024

You are a cell of one great organism – Mother Earth.

You are me. You are a tree. You are a stone. You are a flower. You are the Earth.

ISLAND, oil on canvas, 60x90cm, 2022

WELL BEING, oil on canvas, 60x40cm, 2022.
SPRING RHAPSODY, oil on canvas, 55x65cm, 2024
TREE, oil on canvas,40x30cm, 2024
SHAPING FOR ETERNITY, oil on canvas, 80x80cm, 2023
MILICI, oil on canvas,105x105cm, 2024

Only living in truth and love with yourself will bring harmony and bliss in living with other.


QUIET PLACE, oil on canvas, 120X100 cm, 2022
UNION, oil on canvas, r40cm, 2024